Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nandha: Zero Size Kareena

Hold on to your breath as Kareena Kapoor is finally ready to share the secret of her hot, size-zero Oomphalicious body.

And don’t expect any candid liquid-diet confessions from her as the lady has a bigger idea. Bebo plans to set up a school for teaching and practicing the yoga and would reveal the magic formula of her hour-glass figure to her pupils.

Yes, Bebo has sworn by yoga and preaches that the ancient art is the sole reason behind her ultra glam makeover; she has even been spotted recommending yoga to her friends. And now with the babelicious babe considering the idea of opening her own institute, yoga for sure is going places.

And going by the kind of attention Kareena demands with all that she does, the institute will surely have some very influential people on its board.

According to our sources, Kareena has already discussed the plan with big sister Karisma, who we are told has also taken up the practice, as well as her eye candy Saif. No surprise here, Saif has the habit of seconding any idea coming from Bebo and this time too, excitedly, nodded for this one also.

So we wonder if the institute will be a hit? Well, going by Bebo’s jaw dropping figure, we are sure that the institute will be a huge hit.


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