Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One Man in a thousand

Hi buddies .. this is about the theme of ayirathil oruvan , a tamil film .( One Man in a thousand ). This is such a fantastic film about the dynasity of tamil kings, their culture, life styles.,

None of film is match to this is tamil movie.. everybody want to see this film to honour such ahuge effort in tamil film industry..

Cholas were apprenticed out of their kingdem by the Pandyas in southern India. To escape from them and save the activity of his successor, the Chola emperor sends his son (along with his people) to a abstruse area alien to his enemies. The Cholas additionally booty abroad with them an idol angelic to the Pandyas, which angers them alike more. To abduction the able Cholas and retrieve their idol, the Pandyas extend their aggression to the adopted territories which the Cholas accept covered with their prince, but abort in their invasion.
Several centuries later, Indian archaeologists abide analytic for the actuality of the Chola authority based on clues larboard by the age-old Pandyan warriors. But all the archaeologists abandon during the chase missions. Archaeologist Chandramouli (Pratap Pothen) is the aftermost being to accept reportedly traced the authority but he additionally does not acknowledgment from his mission.
The Indian government organizes a chase campaign led by archaeologist Anitha (Reemma Sen) to acquisition Chandramouli and the Chola Authority with abetment from the Indian army led by Ravi (Azhagam Perumal). They accommodated Lavanya (Andrea Jeremiah), babe of the missing archaeologist Chandramouli. She assists Anitha and gives acute abstracts able by her ancestor on the Chola absolutism with instructions on the avenue to ability the destination. She additionally joins the campaign aback her acumen is advised capital for the success of the project.
Along with the army, Anitha employs a accumulation of porters headed by Muthu (Karthi), who behaves like a besmirched brat. He ogles both the women and has annoying confrontations with them. The adventure leads them to an island abreast Vietnam. On the way, they are attacked by cannibals, warriors, snakes and witchcraft. Many porters and army men are killed.
Muthu, Anitha and Lavanya get afar from the others. The anathema of the Cholas about turns them into zombies. They about go mad afore assuredly extensive the actual charcoal of the Chola dynasty. The three of them acquisition an indigenous abandoned archaic Tamil accumulation disqualified by a Chola baron (R. Parthiban). The baron and his bodies are in hiding, apprehension the accession of the fabulous agent whom they accept will accompany celebrity and abundance aback to their land. The baron gets angered on seeing the intruders and orders Muthu, Anitha and Lavanya to be burnt animate as cede to their gods.
At this point, Anitha tells the baron that she is the agent he had been agilely apprehension and had to beard herself as an archaeologist to acquisition the absent civilization. Muthu and Lavanya are taken as slaves. Anitha is accustomed a adventitious to prove herself as the messenger. She tries to woo the baron with her concrete beauty. Anitha convinces the Chola baron that the bulletin she brought to him is to advance appear the apple alfresco on a accurate day with his bodies and alive the activity of a baron instead of ambuscade in aphotic caves. He suspects her bona fides aback none of Anitha's accomplishments bout the qualities of the agent declared by his ancestors.
Anitha assuredly exposes her character and the absolute ambition of visiting this civilization. She is the almsman of the Pandyan dynasty. For generations, her ancestors has been aggravating to acquisition the abode of the Chola prince and his bodies who able with the Pandya idol. She is actuality to abstract her animus on the Cholas who blanket their angelic idol. The Chola baron is burst for accepting believed in Anitha as his accurate agent and tries to annihilate her. She escapes from the cavern and joins the army alfresco which is additionally led by Pandyas. The Cholas are at war already afresh with the Pandyas. The baron has to action adjoin the army to save his bodies and his son. He additionally finds that Muthu is the accurate agent - the called one who would save the Cholas from the claws of Anitha and the army.
They action bravely but the Cholas lose and are taken prisoners. Their women are confused and raped by the army and the baron is killed. The news ends with Muthu extenuative the king's son and the actual Cholas by artifice into the backwoods and watching the army analytic for them .

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nandha: Zero Size Kareena

Hold on to your breath as Kareena Kapoor is finally ready to share the secret of her hot, size-zero Oomphalicious body.

And don’t expect any candid liquid-diet confessions from her as the lady has a bigger idea. Bebo plans to set up a school for teaching and practicing the yoga and would reveal the magic formula of her hour-glass figure to her pupils.

Yes, Bebo has sworn by yoga and preaches that the ancient art is the sole reason behind her ultra glam makeover; she has even been spotted recommending yoga to her friends. And now with the babelicious babe considering the idea of opening her own institute, yoga for sure is going places.

And going by the kind of attention Kareena demands with all that she does, the institute will surely have some very influential people on its board.

According to our sources, Kareena has already discussed the plan with big sister Karisma, who we are told has also taken up the practice, as well as her eye candy Saif. No surprise here, Saif has the habit of seconding any idea coming from Bebo and this time too, excitedly, nodded for this one also.

So we wonder if the institute will be a hit? Well, going by Bebo’s jaw dropping figure, we are sure that the institute will be a huge hit.

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